Is Your California Unsecured Business Personal Property Tax Too High?

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Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Caused a Negative Impact to Your Business?

Do You Want To Do Something About It?

There is only 78 days to file an unsecured personal property appeal.

An Assessment Appeal protects your right to have your personal property assessed values reviewed for re-assessment by the County Assessor.

Here’s How Business Property Tax California (BPTCA) Help:

BPTCA can prepare and file the Appeal Application for each business location, with your Assessment Appeals Board on your behalf, at no charge.

BPTCA can perform an initial review of your accounting records and assessments to determine whether the tax bill is over assessed, at no charge.

If we find material over-assessments of the personal property (equipment and business fixtures) in your business we will prove it.

BPTCA will prepare an Appeal Package to submit to the County Assessor that will include research, documentation, workpapers, schedules, and appeal narrative that will support our opinion of value for tax year 2021.

How Do I Charge For My Services:

My fees are 25% to 40% of the total refund at the end of the appeal process. Generally, we charge a set number of hours at $30-$70/hour, a percentage of total refund or a combination of both depending on condition of the books and number of business locations.

From now until after November 30, 2021 there is no charge for filing the appeal and no charge for the initial review of your accounting records and tax assessments to determine whether there material over-assessment.

How Is the Unsecured Property Tax Assessment Valuation Determined?

Unsecured property tax assessment values are generally based on the declaration of costs on the 571-L, State Board of Equalization industry depreciation schedules, prior audit, prior appeal, Appraiser’s value estimate.

If you received Correspondence from the Assessor:

Notifying you of a Proposed Escape Assessment due to a tax year 2021 property tax audit or due to an Assessor’s estimate of value for unreported equipment and fixtures, contact us before tax bills are generated.

If you have received a tax year 2021 Escape Assessment Tax Bill:

Contact us. Escape assessment tax bill appeal filings must be filed with the Assessment Appeals Board within 60 days of the tax bill Mail Date.

If you receive notification of a tax year 2021 Audit:

Contact us. County Assessors, generally, are cooperative in re-scheduling an audit date. We can discuss your issues before you set the audit date.

I’m Francine Finley Forks, Business Personal Property Tax Consultant. Contact me at or 619-887-2188

What Does the State Board of Equalization (SBE) Recommend You Do for Tax Year 2021?

SBE recommends businesses file an appeal to protect their rights to have the 2021 tax bills reviewed for market value reductions.

Pay Attention to Notifications of a Property Tax Audit or a Notice of Proposed Escape Assessments

There are statute of limitations and filing deadlines. Contact us, at no charge, for direction if you have received correspondence from the County Assessor.

Appeal Filing Deadlines

Appeal filings related to 571L filing must be filed with the County Clerk of the Board no later than 11/30/21. Escape tax bill appeal filings must be filed within 60 days of the tax bill’s Mail Date.