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As a Business Owner Am I Required to File an Annual Business Property Statement Form 571-L?
Yes, if the aggregate cost of business personal property exceeds $100,000, or if the Assessor requests the information. Businesses must report cost detail of supplies, equipment, furniture and fixtures at each location on the Form 571L Business Property Statement. Business inventory is exempt.

What is Considered Business Personal Property?
Business Personal Property includes tangible assets like equipment, supplies, printers, copiers, furniture, manufacturing, lab equipment, restaurant equipment, and *leasehold improvement fixtures. Business personal property is assessed every year as of 01/01.

What are *Leasehold Improvements Fixtures (LH fixtures)?
LH improvement fixtures directly support the businesses activity and characteristically, may be attached to the building, under the flooring, inside walls, a raised platform to support heavy equipment or an activity or process, alarm/surveillance system, computer server room. Business fixtures include built-in shelving, cabling/electrical wiring for special purpose equipment or manufacturing processes, conveyor systems or pipes, hoods, and built-ins for restaurants and bars.

What are structural improvements?
Improvements to the building including walls, roofing, flooring, offices, bathrooms, general electrical, heating and air conditioning for employees, building repairs, etc.

Who Do I Contact for Tax Rates and Special Assessments Found on My Tax Bill?
The Auditor and Controller’s Office Property Tax Service is responsible for establishing tax rates and processing all special assessments on the property tax bills. For more information, call the phone numbers next to the special assessment on the tax bill.

What Are Tax-Exempt Properties?
Property used for church, college, cemetery, museum, school, library, or other charitable or religious purposes may be eligible for an exemption from property taxes. In order to qualify, the property must be owned and operated by a non-profit religious, hospital, scientific, or charitable organization.

Am I Eligible For Disaster Relief?
Property destroyed by a calamity (e.g., fire) may be eligible for property tax relief. In such cases, the Assessor’s Office will immediately reappraise the property tax to
reflect its damaged condition. In addition, when it is rebuilt in a like or similar manner, the property will retain its previous taxable value. To qualify, you must file a claim with the Assessor within 12 months of disaster. The loss must exceed $10,000 in value.

Why must a Business Property Statement be filed?
State law requires each business to file this property statement annually so that a taxable value can be established for such business personal property (supplies, equipment, furniture, and business fixtures). File 571L Form by May 7th.

When must this Business Personal Property Statement be returned?
It will be mailed out in January. Statements are due back by April 1. 10% penalty will be assessed if not received by May 7th.

What is an important Assessment Notice from the County Assessor?
Important Assessment Notices are sent out in lieu of a Business Property Statement for smaller businesses in which the values remain constant. If you think the tax year 2021 tax bill assessed values is significantly greater than market value of the property (supplies, equipment, furniture, and business fixtures in total) contact us for a “no cost review” to determine whether significant over assessments exist.

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